Members Non Members
  Dual Private Hire Dual Private Hire
PA28 220 200 240 N/A
*Prices are in NZD per hour incl. GST and are subject to change. For other types of aircraft please enquire.

Membership Fee $115 per year

Ground Tuition
Private $50 per hour
Group  $20 per hour

Members         $180 plus club aircraft hire at dual rate
Non Members $250 plus club aircraft hire at dual rate
*If using own aircraft, BFR fee plus $50 per hour of instruction time

Contact the Club. Prices from $12,000.

CPL/IR ab initio
Contact the Club. Prices from $60,000.

C Cat Course
From $8,000, depending on PIC time and experience. Includes all dual flying, ground briefings and compulsory Instructional Techniques course. Places limited to six full time students.
Upon completion of the course and flight test a C Cat Instructor must work under direct supervision of an A or B Cat Instructor for  6 months and complete 100 hours of instructing. Students of above average ability may well be invited to complete this period of occupational training at the club.

Name: Loren
Role: CFI

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