Getting started in flying is no harder than picking up the phone and speaking with an Instructor. We will personalize your training to suit your needs. Flying is immensely rewarding and great fun and more accessible than many people would think. The Instructors and club aim to provide quality training, guidance and support for you to attain your personal goals, whether that be to achieve solo flight or to become a professional pilot.

Private Pilots Licence (PPL)
Min Requirements -

  • 16 years old to fly solo (under 16 all flights dual);
  • 17 years old to hold a licence;
  • Minimum of 50 hours total flying, including mountain and terrain awareness training;
  • Completion of Flight Radio, Human Factors, Air Law, Air Tech, Navigation and Meteorology exams;
  • Completion of English Aural test.
Other Flight Training Available
  • Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL)
  • Night flying
  • C Category Instructor Training
  • Twin Engine
  • Mountain Flying
  • Tail wheel
  • Hour building ($200 per hour PA28-181)
  • Ground course study

Overview of General Costs

Dual / Solo Training - $220 per hour (PA28) (incl. all pre & post flight briefings with the instructor)
CAA Medical - $250 approx plus a CAA application fee of $313. (Valid for 5yrs under 40 years of age)
Club Membership - $115 per annum
Logbook - $45

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