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Whether you are a seasoned private or commercial pilot, or someone just considering taking up the challenge of learning to fly, we warmly welcome you to the club. We are always keen to meet fellow aviation enthusiasts and enjoy welcoming new members to our social and flying activities.

Ashburton airfield is a highly maintained and enviable facility, free from the congestion and delays of controlled airspace. Also, some of the most exhilarating and breathtaking mountain flying lies just a few minutes to our west and we are surrounded by the fabulous Canterbury Plains and a network of local strips that we regularly enjoy visiting. There is flying to suit everyone and a club atmosphere that embraces all. Take a few moments to leaf through our website and give us a call, or better still - drop in.

The Club has a warm and inclusive atmosphere and consists of an active group of people from diverse backgrounds and a broad spectrum of ages, providing a rich and interesting social blend for every occasion. 
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You may want to just experience flying with a few hours at the controls, or achieve a solo flight? Whatever your ambition, one of our experienced and friendly instructors can assist you in making your dream a reality.
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MCAC is an ideal training organisation for those of you seeking to become professional pilots. We can cater for ab-initio training over a twelve month period, or accommodate a modular approach over a period of time to suit your individual needs. (Read more)